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The O-High Foundation’s vision is to equip underserved US students with immersive STEM experiences and measurable STEM-education opportunities connected to STEM-industry competencies and future-career demands thus, advancing America’s economic leverage and competitive capacity in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.  

We target youth and young adults (for example but, not limited to African Americans, Hispanics, females, etc...) to advantage him/her to: 

(1) achieve levels 3 and 4 on math and science culminating exams;

(2) gain 21st-century access to global STEM influencers and thought-leaders with similar experiences, race, and/or culture;

(3) inspire technology producers versus technology consumers;

(4)  increase technological-savviness and STEM-pipeline-use.


To deliver all project experiences, events and, resources, and not readily available or equitable in disadvantaged school districts, we: 


Work in with schools not as a competitor to reinforce STEM literacy, fluency, and preparation.

Collaborate and benefit from the efforts and generosity of our sponsors, grant providers, organizations, and communities-at-large.

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